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So not long ago I made an offhand crack about having a recall for Tyra's win in Season 2. Little did I know that even RuPaul herself had second thoughts about the way it turned out!

I can't wait for them to leak the Season 7 footage of how Jasmine Masters nearly won. 
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A few squirrel friends and I decided that it would add thrills and excitement to our lives to make a demographic information chart of the six queens who have won RuPaul’s Drag Race! We threw the chart onto Google Docs and included demographic info such as: the season the queen won, real name, age (at the time of win), race, hometown, marital status, drag family, bio family, runners up for that season, number of challenges won, and more!

A few points of interest when we look at the chart. There’s a good range of ages, from 21 to 41. Not a bad representation of different races, though obviously a Latina has yet to win this competition. Out of the 6 winners, 4 are single. As others have observed, you don’t need to win many – or any -- minichallenges to take the title.

There are a lot of pieces of info missing, and we’ll gladly accept any help from people who want to fill in the blanks.

Our wildest fantasy is to expand this someday and include every queen who has competed on RPDR! We've created a second tab with runners up but it's a work in progress.

And here’s the link to The Chart!

Needless to say, there are spoilers for each season on here.
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Hey. I wanted to make some icons for this season since I did a fair share last year, as found here and here. However, I haven't found much inspiration this season. =/

So, I am offering to make custom icons. Here are some examples of icons I like to make:

(Please don't grab the Sonique one, that's property of Goosey. And the Wade Barrett one isn't drag related, but still a style I like to make haha)

All I ask if that you like me to a video or directions (i.e. [name]'s runway in [episode]), keep it Drag Race related (i.e. stuff from the show, the queens doing outside shows, etc) and don't hassle me if I don't make it right away plz.
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According the Jessica Wild's twitter, Drag Race is finally coming to DVD! Well, seasons 2 & 3 anyway. (Which makes me sad.)

You can see the DVD info here. (I couldn't seem to find the release date though.)

And the info about why we won't be seeing season 1 on DVD is here. (Let's all blame Beyonce.)

I don't know about you guys, but I'm really happy about this. :P
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 I was just wondering, is Mariah the only contestant on the show who comes from (for lack of a better word) the proper ball scene, i.e. part of a house and having presumably walked drag balls a la Paris Is Burning? I want to say yes, because I know Shangela and Alexis have said they've competed in pageants, but do not hail from actual ballwalking houses the way Mariah does. IIRC, Alexis wasn't even familiar with the concept until she asked Mariah about her background. 

So does anyone know if Mariah is the first, or have any of the queens in seasons past also come from ball culture?


May. 7th, 2010 12:22 pm
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It took forever, but my reviews of The Grand Finale and Reunited! are up.

WARNING: Ginormous soapbox alert for "Reunited!" Seriously, if you were wishing that Tatianna would have shut the fuck up, I will probably get on your nerves with this. But hey, if you really have a problem with it, write your own scathing review blog.
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Just thought I'd share an article about some of the things being said.

Under the cut (spoilers for finale) )
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*2.5 hour Finale + Reunion special tonight! (+ finale party live @ http://www.LogoTV.com)

The last three queens face their final challenge - shooting the music video for RuPaul's next single Jealous of My Boogie. Guests include reality star Robert Verdi, make-up artist Mathu Anderson and choreographer Ryan Heffington.

*Jon & John 'recap' the top 3 here.

*Interview with Santino.

*In No Particular Order, The Most Dramatic Shots From Tonight’s Drag Race Finale Extravaganza.
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Episode here: The Main Event.

I feel like it sort of telegraphed the winner, a little bit?

The best part IMO was Jessica Wild's inspirational words: "If you are going to win you are going to win no matter what. That's why if I need to give you my panties, I give you my panties. Because if I am going to win, I am going to win with or without panties."
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Real life got in the way for a while, but my recap for "The Diva Awards" is now
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Final 3 pics under the cut )

, in which responsible editing shows that Raven might have memory problems.

I miss the positive energy of Season 1 and am kinda running out of steam to care about this show :(  But there are rumours that Nina, Ongina and Shannel will be on next week's pre-finale show? That could be fun.

*Also, does anyone have suggestions on what they'd like to see in this comm, and/or would anyone want to do weekly discussion posts or such? I'm going to be mostly offline for the next few weeks so it would be cool if others could take over.
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Every Friday the artist Alan Defibaugh posts a portrait of the most recent Queen to sashay away on his blog. Here are the latest three. ) And the rest can all be found here.

Also, Ongina's a guest on this week's Drag Ya Later. (Source)

"I hit up the amazing Ongina to appear as a very special guest. And I got her take on Season 2 of Drag Race and all the queens… (or most of them). And Lordy, Mystique and Tyra better watch out! (Just kidding… It’s love all around. Almost.)"

Video under the cut )
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1). Logo's Newnownext blog has a new Q&A with last week's eliminated Queen.

"I knew how pissed off I was that I was eliminated so I was afraid of how I looked leaving the show. I was hoping people would be a little upset but I had no idea it would be like this. Having Entertainment Weekly say that I was their America’s Next Drag Superstar is like getting a reach-around from Taylor Lautner ... Wait, he’s 18 now, isn’t he? I don’t want to get arrested or anything."

Q: If you were to win Miss Congeniality (fans can vote at RuPaulsDragRace.com, on the lower right of the page), how would you celebrate?
A: "I would make out with everyone who voted for me! Hopefully, that doesn’t make people stop voting!"
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2). A nice in-depth interview with After Elton discussing the reasons for her elimination, the Raven vs. Tatianna feud, and other things.

"I’d auditioned for Season One, and I didn’t get on. When Season Two came out, I said, “If something doesn’t change in drag, then this is going to be my last year. And it really changed in a major way! The universe is telling me to keep my panties on a little bit longer."

3). News about which Queen from this season will be on Ru's new show, 'RuPaul's Drag U' starting in July on Logo, here.

4). An interview with Sonique, who is is Queen of the Week at Artemis Chase.

5). Morgan didn't impress the judges much with her Pink impersonation but here's some footage of her showing her amazing range, as old-school Annie Lennox, as Culture Club-era Boy George, as Labyrinth-era David Bowie, and weirdly convincing as FrankNFurter, as Kylie Minogue and as Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous.

6). Description for Episode 9, 'Little Black Dress,' (April 12th): The final four queens hit the red carpet and pull out all the stops as they create looks for three separate divalicious award shows.
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My recap of the travesty that caused America to turn on RuPaul is up. WARNING: the following contains material that may be offensive to fans of old people, Raven, Tyra, and others I've forgotten to mention, and may not be suitable for all readers. The author is not responsible or liable if you decide to go out and beat up old people or Santino Rice as a result, because your ass should be smart enough not to do that shit because of something you read on the Internet. Reader discretion is advised.

If you don't know who Sashayed Away in this episode, don't read the next part. )


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