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The Pit Stop with Morgan McMichaels: Enjoy!

John Polly's Extra Lap: Enjoy!

Whatcha' Packin with Michelle Viasge: Enjoy!

Untucked: Enjoy!
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Hooray for Shannel, Ongina, Juju, Morgan, Pandora and Raven returning! Mariah from Season 3! No Nina Flowers? Boo! Who would you like to see as a Professor?
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- Drag U recaps @ MamaPop: 'Girl knows if a drag queen cries all hell fall loose'.

- A very cool interview @Socialite Life with Morgan McMichaels (with bonus Sonique).

- Drag U Later with Jon & John: The Return of Tammie Brown!!! Plus Vote for the Drag U MVP!
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- Preview for next week's finale episode 'A Star is Born Again' with Jujubee, Raven and Pandora:
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- Pandora on AOL Popeater giving a 'Drag U' makeover.
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I work for Aldo Shoes in Boston and I waited on Airline, aka Jujubee! She was in boy clothes that day, and not "on", but she was super nice and friendly. She also told me that a lot of the Season 2 queens will be making appearances at Glamlife at The Estate in Boston, so keep your eyes out for Raven, Pandora Boxx and Morgan McMichaels to be making an appearance near you!
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Because of Lady Bunny. Also Nina Flowers and Morgan. But mainly because of this:

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"Like you Moxie, I know personally the crippling effects of having a sister which is considered to be the prettier one. My poor sister had to be committed to an insane asylum."

Or maybe because of the big-budget special effects? (somewhat pic-heavy) )

More interviews/reviews, plus RuPaul in 'Zombie Prom, A Musical Comedy'! )

What did everyone else think? Feel free to post your reviews/ thoughts/ creepy rants.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic* FB group: RuPaul's Drag Race Deserves an Emmy!

* Here's a pic that Jessica Wild posted on her twitter: "Even the cat liked my interview"  ->

* TVgasm interview with Morgan and Raven in which Raven shares what's hopefully not her guiding philosophy: "I figure if you're going to dress up like a chick, be a bitch."

* A cute interview with popeater: Jujubee, Raven and Tyra of 'Drag Race' Throw Some 'Shade' on Celebs.

* Youritlist talks to Pandora, Raven, Tyra, and Jujubee: here.

* This is older, but too funny to leave out. The Pandora Boxx interviewPandora Boxx and I go waaaaaay back. Even before we shared a bunk as camp counsellors at Tyra’s T-Zone Camp, taking girls on a “fierce, self-esteem building adventure,” we were like sisters. So I was delighted to see my older and slightly fatter sister cast on “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2.” Of course, she was delighted to consent to my request for an interview, meeting me at the Arby’s near a street corner she frequents. Say what you will about Pandora, but don’t ever say that she doesn’t put the “whore” in “publicity whore.”

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1). Logo's Newnownext blog has a new Q&A with last week's eliminated Queen.

"I knew how pissed off I was that I was eliminated so I was afraid of how I looked leaving the show. I was hoping people would be a little upset but I had no idea it would be like this. Having Entertainment Weekly say that I was their America’s Next Drag Superstar is like getting a reach-around from Taylor Lautner ... Wait, he’s 18 now, isn’t he? I don’t want to get arrested or anything."

Q: If you were to win Miss Congeniality (fans can vote at RuPaulsDragRace.com, on the lower right of the page), how would you celebrate?
A: "I would make out with everyone who voted for me! Hopefully, that doesn’t make people stop voting!"
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2). A nice in-depth interview with After Elton discussing the reasons for her elimination, the Raven vs. Tatianna feud, and other things.

"I’d auditioned for Season One, and I didn’t get on. When Season Two came out, I said, “If something doesn’t change in drag, then this is going to be my last year. And it really changed in a major way! The universe is telling me to keep my panties on a little bit longer."

3). News about which Queen from this season will be on Ru's new show, 'RuPaul's Drag U' starting in July on Logo, here.

4). An interview with Sonique, who is is Queen of the Week at Artemis Chase.

5). Morgan didn't impress the judges much with her Pink impersonation but here's some footage of her showing her amazing range, as old-school Annie Lennox, as Culture Club-era Boy George, as Labyrinth-era David Bowie, and weirdly convincing as FrankNFurter, as Kylie Minogue and as Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous.

6). Description for Episode 9, 'Little Black Dress,' (April 12th): The final four queens hit the red carpet and pull out all the stops as they create looks for three separate divalicious award shows.


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