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Hooray for Shannel, Ongina, Juju, Morgan, Pandora and Raven returning! Mariah from Season 3! No Nina Flowers? Boo! Who would you like to see as a Professor?
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Hey, I've been trying to find studio photos of the girls who have taken part in the Drag U show. So far, I only found Ogina, Nina, and Shannel. If anyone has more pictures (note: the grey background studios), please post them so I can add more to this post! :)

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I work for Aldo Shoes in Boston and I waited on Airline, aka Jujubee! She was in boy clothes that day, and not "on", but she was super nice and friendly. She also told me that a lot of the Season 2 queens will be making appearances at Glamlife at The Estate in Boston, so keep your eyes out for Raven, Pandora Boxx and Morgan McMichaels to be making an appearance near you!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic* FB group: RuPaul's Drag Race Deserves an Emmy!

* Here's a pic that Jessica Wild posted on her twitter: "Even the cat liked my interview"  ->

* TVgasm interview with Morgan and Raven in which Raven shares what's hopefully not her guiding philosophy: "I figure if you're going to dress up like a chick, be a bitch."

* A cute interview with popeater: Jujubee, Raven and Tyra of 'Drag Race' Throw Some 'Shade' on Celebs.

* Youritlist talks to Pandora, Raven, Tyra, and Jujubee: here.

* This is older, but too funny to leave out. The Pandora Boxx interviewPandora Boxx and I go waaaaaay back. Even before we shared a bunk as camp counsellors at Tyra’s T-Zone Camp, taking girls on a “fierce, self-esteem building adventure,” we were like sisters. So I was delighted to see my older and slightly fatter sister cast on “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2.” Of course, she was delighted to consent to my request for an interview, meeting me at the Arby’s near a street corner she frequents. Say what you will about Pandora, but don’t ever say that she doesn’t put the “whore” in “publicity whore.”

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