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Pandora's RuCap: In a sad and shocking twist, Pandora wasn't asked back to do her much beloved RuCaps. In fact, Logo didn't even bother contacting her about them at all. (Visit her Twitter page for the info.) Instead, we now get...

The Pit Stop with Detox: Enjoy!

John Polly's Extra Lap: Enjoy!

Whatcha' Packin with Michelle Viasge: Enjoy!

Untucked: Enjoy!

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I've noticed quite a few of you discussing Laganja and personality disorders, give this a read. (It's in the question about Twitter.) It's pretty interesting.
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Hello! I am one of your lovely maintainers for this community. On Thursdays I'm posting Rupaul Review Round-up with all the most sickening reviews out there of the week's show. Feel free to post ones I missed below!

AV Club: "It's not enough to be able to design clothes and walk down a runway, you have to be able to throw shade, rock a lip sync, and have the showmanship that will convince a crowd to throw down those tips."

Buddy TV: "On the runway, she was serving pretty in pink Oprah realness. And in the wrestling ring, she was Latrice the Beast, the biggest, baddest bitch we've ever seen! We can't say enough lovely things about Latrice. And we hope we never have to say goodbye."

By That You Mean: "At last we arrive at the creme de la creme of drag. The apex. The pinnacle. The other metaphors for top things. Here's where you just double over in laughter at all of the zany antics and unbelievable jabs."

Drag you Later with Jon and John: VIDEO "From big ballers Rick Fox and John Salley to the athletic wonder that is Ms. Latrice Royale, see what the boys had to say about this week's challenge."

Entertainment Weekly: "I think last night's new episode will majestically go down in history with those memorable hours mentioned above, as the 12 remaining queens found themselves putting together drag wrestling looks and then putting on an outlandish, drama-filled show for the judges."

Hedda Lettuce: "They all looked great with the exception of DiDa Ritz. Her hair was limp and dry, as if it was used to wipe the sweat of Latrice Royal's upper lip. Her dress was a potato sack, with what looked like a pee stain in the center."

Huffington Post: "I've said it 83 times and I'll say it again: Sharon is really just blowing my mind. She looks amazing on the runway, as Michelle notes, "a lost Arquette sister." Sharon says she wanted to show the judges she could bring beauty to the stage even though it's foreign to her. Success!"

Mediaite:"...a frustratingly lackluster Princess(You can do better! I know you can! Stop being a Paris Hilton in a Kyle Richards world! No, I don't have any idea what that means!)

Queerty: "Kenya comes out as a rather perfect Nicki Minaj. Those doll motions will give me night terrors for about three years. Thanks."

Red Eye Chicago: "Willam reminds me of a Barbie I owned in 1984 who had a jeans-and-pink-fluff outfit that I loved with a white-hot passion. So I am a bit partial to Willam's look."

Rochester City Paper: "ALL THE EMMYS! I don't care what else airs, this episode should win all of the Emmy Awards this year. I challenge you to find a more entertaining hour of television. We started with gigantic asses, got to drag queens body-slamming each other, and wrapped things up with a human gumball machine getting her ass stomped during a lipsynch. No other show on earth can give you that. And then on "Untucked"; we got a PSA about the dangers of black-market plastic surgery and the importance of loving yourself. I'm not even kidding!"


1st queen eliminated interview: "Well, when they picked the top and bottom, I knew that my outfit wasn't the most couture in the group, however I did know that mine fit the theme more so than others."

Ology interview with the second kicked off queen: "For me, I really want to say that I think it hurt me, because they want us to bring girly girl couture. Well, not even girly girl couture, they just want us to bring girly girl drag. And for me, I don't do girly girl drag. Like, everything that I do is just drag like hardcore--big and crazy."

After Elton: Bonus behind the scene photos of this episode!

Willam's Blog: "My body is like a big blue ribbon i won because i had to work for it. At 13 years old, I was 5'3" and 207lbs. So yea. I'm gonna be wearing hoe-tastic shit and have my body out."

Sharon Needles' Official Tumblr:sharon gif under cut )
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Here's the full video for RuPaul's 'Champion,' featuring the top three queens!

And also, several post-finale interviews with/articles about the winner of Season 3 under the cut. )
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a few previews! )

I'm glad that Ryan Heffington, the tiniest fiercest little white man in the world, will be back.

Also, a tiny preview of Ru's new single from 'Glamazon'; and Homorazzi interviews with Michelle Visage and one of the top 3 queens about the finale.

sashay, shantay, panther on the runway )
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Hey locas - most of you have probably already seen those spoiler videos for the final 5, which are no longer spoilers. I'd be so so very grateful if anyone here who understands Spanish is able to help out an ignorant English speaker (me) by summarizing...

scoodle interviews )

ETA: Huffington Post interview with Yara
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I wasn't sure if this was still considered spoilers or not, but just in case, I'll keep it under the cut.

Read more... )
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- VOTE for your Drag U MVP. (@ Drag U Later with Jon & John)

- Nina is profiled in the August/September issue of Auxiliary Magazine. (more at source)

- A really interesting piece from NPR: Pop Personae: Why Do Some Women Perform In Character?

There are some pop stars right now who look a lot like drag queens — Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Katy Perry, even Ke$ha. I went to an apartment full of pillows and animal prints to ask an expert why this is so. It's the home of Bebe Zahara Benet...
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RuPaul's Drag Race Tour Update.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race Tour (fueled sponsored by Absolut) is well under way, and it tore up Micky’s in West Hollywood last Friday night. Want a peek? Watch none other than Season 2’s hellaciously fierce winner, [xxx] rage on the stage to this mashup of scenes from Precious and Dreamgirls and beyond … (via WorldofWonder.net)

Pics -- one maybe NSFW, even though the boobs are fake -- and some recent interviews )
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic* FB group: RuPaul's Drag Race Deserves an Emmy!

* Here's a pic that Jessica Wild posted on her twitter: "Even the cat liked my interview"  ->

* TVgasm interview with Morgan and Raven in which Raven shares what's hopefully not her guiding philosophy: "I figure if you're going to dress up like a chick, be a bitch."

* A cute interview with popeater: Jujubee, Raven and Tyra of 'Drag Race' Throw Some 'Shade' on Celebs.

* Youritlist talks to Pandora, Raven, Tyra, and Jujubee: here.

* This is older, but too funny to leave out. The Pandora Boxx interviewPandora Boxx and I go waaaaaay back. Even before we shared a bunk as camp counsellors at Tyra’s T-Zone Camp, taking girls on a “fierce, self-esteem building adventure,” we were like sisters. So I was delighted to see my older and slightly fatter sister cast on “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2.” Of course, she was delighted to consent to my request for an interview, meeting me at the Arby’s near a street corner she frequents. Say what you will about Pandora, but don’t ever say that she doesn’t put the “whore” in “publicity whore.”

more + pics )
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
RuPaul's Drag Race won the GLAAD award for Outstanding Reality Program, presented April 17th in LA.

The annual GLAAD media awards 'elevate and promote fair, accurate and inclusive stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, people and allies that have increased awareness, understanding and respect for the lives of LGBT people.'

Photos: http://www.glaad.org/mediaawards/21/la/photos

ETA: And Ru posted on his blog to squee about meeting Adam Lambert, who performed at the awards (vid here) :D

Pic of Ru from the GLAAD awards red carpet )


I am an introvert masquerading as an extrovert )
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1). Logo's Newnownext blog has a new Q&A with last week's eliminated Queen.

"I knew how pissed off I was that I was eliminated so I was afraid of how I looked leaving the show. I was hoping people would be a little upset but I had no idea it would be like this. Having Entertainment Weekly say that I was their America’s Next Drag Superstar is like getting a reach-around from Taylor Lautner ... Wait, he’s 18 now, isn’t he? I don’t want to get arrested or anything."

Q: If you were to win Miss Congeniality (fans can vote at RuPaulsDragRace.com, on the lower right of the page), how would you celebrate?
A: "I would make out with everyone who voted for me! Hopefully, that doesn’t make people stop voting!"
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2). A nice in-depth interview with After Elton discussing the reasons for her elimination, the Raven vs. Tatianna feud, and other things.

"I’d auditioned for Season One, and I didn’t get on. When Season Two came out, I said, “If something doesn’t change in drag, then this is going to be my last year. And it really changed in a major way! The universe is telling me to keep my panties on a little bit longer."

3). News about which Queen from this season will be on Ru's new show, 'RuPaul's Drag U' starting in July on Logo, here.

4). An interview with Sonique, who is is Queen of the Week at Artemis Chase.

5). Morgan didn't impress the judges much with her Pink impersonation but here's some footage of her showing her amazing range, as old-school Annie Lennox, as Culture Club-era Boy George, as Labyrinth-era David Bowie, and weirdly convincing as FrankNFurter, as Kylie Minogue and as Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous.

6). Description for Episode 9, 'Little Black Dress,' (April 12th): The final four queens hit the red carpet and pull out all the stops as they create looks for three separate divalicious award shows.
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Ru is working on a new reality show, to start airing in June this year on Logo.

She Better Work: RuPaul on Queens Having Kids, the Wisdom of Cher and Expanding Her Drag Empire

Extract: "We do have another show coming up. It’s called RuPaul’s Drag University which starts filming in March. The show invites real women to the Drag University — Drag U. — and they are not made over, but they undergo a psychological evaluation to determine when they gave up on themselves. Drag U. teaches them how to own their power and to stop playing small. Ultimately, they graduate at the end of the show with their newly empowered, made-over self. The professors at Drag U. are some of the kids from Drag Race and also some of the drag legends. I think everybody could learn from the kind of self-reinvention that drag teaches. Everyone could reemerge and reinvent themselves through the process, but once it’s done, you have to maintain it (...) I am, of course, the Dean of the University."

5 Fabulous Traits That Qualify RuPaul's Drag Race for TV's Best Reality Competition (article contains spoiler for 2x06 elimination).



Mar. 9th, 2010 07:19 pm
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Here's the exit interview with this week's eliminated contestant.

Really bad decision, IMO.

Also -- Henry Rollins is guest judge next week!

And: wallpapers of all the wedding photos.


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