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I'm sure you all have seen these, but this illustrator Chad Sell does weekly vector fan art of the girls.
They're pretty good. He posts them on his blog randomly.

I'm kind of jealous of the attention he's getting.
I suddenly want to spam the internet with RPDR fan art... oh well.
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You may or may not remember the "You. Better. Work." necklace I did a few months ago, but I'm back with a new piece. But this one is inspired by Sonique. Since the reunion special I've been following her on twitter and one post just... It left me very moved and inspired. And it was the simplest thing. She that everyone should say "self love" and that that's ok. And since reading that, I've adapted it as my own personal mantra of sorts. So I busted out my stamps and turned my inspiration into a necklace. I hope you like it. :)

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Every Friday the artist Alan Defibaugh posts a portrait of the most recent Queen to sashay away on his blog. Here are the latest three. ) And the rest can all be found here.

Also, Ongina's a guest on this week's Drag Ya Later. (Source)

"I hit up the amazing Ongina to appear as a very special guest. And I got her take on Season 2 of Drag Race and all the queens… (or most of them). And Lordy, Mystique and Tyra better watch out! (Just kidding… It’s love all around. Almost.)"

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I come bearing art… Of sorts. I’m a jewelry maker and one day I was just randomly struck with this idea. So, of course, I HAD to do it.

This necklace was inspired by Jessica Wild’s impression on RuPaul. And really, it just makes me giggle. :P It’s made from completely sterling silver materials and Swarovski crystal. It was hand stamped, oxidized and polished by me.

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