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Drag Race 9

Welcome back, squirrel friends! It’s time for the next lap of the race! Bust out your wigs and padding because this is going to be a crazy ride.

Wigs and heels don’t go on for a few hours yet, but let’s get the T flowing now!

Just a few things to keep in mind…
~ Try to stay on topic. This is an episode discussion after all.
~ Don’t be throwin’ no shade towards your fellow LJ-ers. (Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.)
~ Since this is an episode discussion, there will be spoilers in the comments. Enter at your own risk.
~ Please do not post spoilers for upcoming episodes.
~ And of course, don’t forget to werk.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of polls last week. Easter and getting sick really threw me off. :(

Date: 2017-04-24 05:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] entj.livejournal.com
I felt like the resolution of this episode was a win-win. Eureka is in an amazing position for Season 10, and I wanted to see more from Cynthia and Farrah. I'm super looking forward to Snatch Game next Friday!

One thing about Cynthia: I've noticed in two gowns now that she doesn't seem to be wearing a cincher, and I feel like wearing one would help her silhouette. I know chemotherapy knocks out your immune system, and I wonder if poor Cynthia maybe got shingles and cannot wear something so uncomfortable around her midsection without pain? I'm certainly willing to give her a pass if that's the case, but if it isn't, I kind of wonder at her decision. Maybe she packed so quickly to get to this season when she was told she was coming back that she forgot to pack one?

I really like Cynthia a lot, and I want to see her do well. I realize there may be extenuating circumstances as to why she might not be competing at her peak game even now, but on that particular issue, I'd like to see one of the judges mention it, just so that she'd have the opportunity to respond.

Also, I think that unless Valentina really stumbles somehow, she's going to be Top 3. The judges do seem to adore her.

To me, this group comes across as a nicer group of queens overall than we've seen some seasons. Trinity is the only one I find a bit grating, and even she's not too bad compared to some of the personalities in previous years.

I thought the casting choices by Alexis were clearly shady tactical. She (understandably) sees Cynthia as competition (no one else has more experience this year), and while I understand her calculation, I feel like as viewers, we maybe didn't get the most entertaining musical episode we could've had because of it.

I am still sad that Charlie Hides is gone. I really wanted to see her Snatch Game.
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